All-Around Odorless Waterproof(Flexible)

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Almighty odor-cleaning waterproof (flexible type) is an organic liquid material composed of high-quality acrylate emulsion and various additives, and an inorganic powder composed of special cement and various fillers. The two components of liquid and powder are fully mixed and evenly applied to the surface of the substrate. After curing, a flexible and high-strength waterproof coating can be formed.

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Technical Data

Solid content 84%
Tensile Strength 2.9Mpa
Elongation at break 41%
Bond strength 1.7Mpa
Country of origin Made in China
Model NO. BPR-7260
Permeability 1.2MPa
Physical state After mixing, it is a liquid with uniform color and no precipitation or water separation.

Product Application

It is suitable for waterproof roofs, beams, balconies, and kitchens.

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Product Features

♦ No cracking

♦ No leakage

♦ Strong adhesion

♦ After the waterproof layer is dry, tiles can be directly laid on the surface

♦ Low odor

Product Instructions

Construction technology
♦ Base cleaning: Check if the base level is flat, solid, crack-free, oil-free, etc., and repair or clean if there is any problem. The base layer should have a certain water absorption and drainage slope, and the yin and yang corners should be rounded or sloped.
♦ Base treatment: Wash with a water pipe to completely wet the base, keep the base moist, but there should be no clear water.
♦ Coating preparation: according to the ratio of liquid material: powder = 1:0.4 (mass ratio), mix the liquid material and powder evenly, and then use it after standing for 5-10 minutes. Keep stirring intermittently during use to prevent layering and precipitation.
♦ Paint brush: Use a brush or roller to paint the paint on the base layer, with a thickness of about 1.5-2mm, and do not miss the brush. If it is used for moistureproofing, only one layer is required; for waterproofing, two to three layers are required. The directions of each brush should be perpendicular to each other. After each brush, wait for the previous layer to dry before proceeding to the next brush.
♦ Protection and maintenance: After the slurry construction is completed, the coating must be protected before it is completely dry to avoid damage from pedestrians, rain, sun exposure, and sharp objects. The fully cured coating does not require a special protective layer. It is recommended to cover with a damp cloth or spray water to maintain the coating, usually for 2-3 days. After 7 days of curing, a 24-hour closed water test should be carried out if conditions permit.

Mix slurry 1.5KG/1㎡ two times

Packaging specification

Instructions for Use

Construction Conditions
♦ The temperature during construction should be between 5°C and 35°C, and outdoor construction is prohibited in windy or rainy days.
♦ Unused paint after opening should be sealed and stored, and used as soon as possible.
♦ The thickness of the waterproof layer coating is 1.5mm-2.0mm. It is advisable to adopt the method of cross-painting during construction.
♦ During the construction process, pay attention to protect the waterproof coating film from damage, and tiles can be pasted after the waterproof layer is brushed.

Moldy surface
1. Shovel with a spatula and sand with sandpaper to remove mildew.
2. Brush 1 time with appropriate mold wash water, and rinse with clean water on time, and let dry completely.

Product construction steps


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