Super Effects Odorless Waterproof Product (Multicolor , Easy to paint)

Short Description:

Water-based waterproof coating with special effects and odor is based on imported acrylic emulsion, adding various additives, and various inorganic powders through scientific processing. It has good film elasticity, high toughness, and strong bonding with the base layer. Features.

Product features: • Good water resistance • No cracking • No leakage • Strong adhesion • After the waterproof layer is dry, tiles can be directly laid on the surface • Low odor
Applications:  It is suitable for any wall decoration with waterproof requirements; roof waterproofing; waterproof and moisture-proof for non-long-term submerged parts such as balconies, bathrooms, kitchens, and floors.

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Technical Data

Solid content 75%
Imperme ability pressure 0.8Mpa
Lateral Deformation Capability 34.4mm
Compressive strength 31.3Mpa
Flexural strength 10.0Mpa
Shrinkage 0.20%
Drying time 1h30min
Country of origin   Made in China
Model NO. BPR-7120
Physical state  After mixing, it is a liquid with uniform color and no precipitation or water separation.

Product Application

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Product Instructions

Construction technology:
Base cleaning: Check if the base level is flat, solid, crack-free, oil-free, etc., and repair or clean if there is any problem. The base layer should have a certain water absorption and drainage slope, and the yin and yang corners should be rounded or sloped.
Base treatment: Wash with a water pipe to completely wet the base, keep the base moist, but there should be no clear water.
Coating preparation: according to the ratio of liquid material: powder = 1:0.4 (mass ratio), mix the liquid material and powder evenly, and then use it after standing for 5-10 minutes. Keep stirring intermittently during use to prevent layering and precipitation.
Paint brush: Use a brush or roller to paint the paint on the base layer, with a thickness of about 1.5-2mm, and do not miss the brush. If it is used for moistureproofing, only one layer is required; for waterproofing, two to three layers are required. The directions of each brush should be perpendicular to each other. After each brush, wait for the previous layer to dry before proceeding to the next brush.
Protection and maintenance: After the slurry construction is completed, the coating must be protected before it is completely dry to avoid damage from pedestrians, rain, sun exposure, and sharp objects. The fully cured coating does not require a special protective layer. It is recommended to cover with a damp cloth or spray water to maintain the coating, usually for 2-3 days. After 7 days of curing, a 24-hour closed water test should be carried out if conditions permit."

Tool cleaning: Please use clean water to wash all utensils on time after stopping in the middle of painting and after painting.
Dosage: Mix slurry 1.5KG/1㎡ two times
Packaging specification: 18KG
Storage method: Store in a cool and dry warehouse at 0°C-35°C, avoid rain and sun exposure, and strictly prevent frost. Avoid stacking too high.

Points to Attention

Construction and use suggestions
1. Carefully read the instructions for using this product before construction.
2. It is recommended to try it in a small area first, and if you have any questions, please consult on time before using it.
3. Avoid storage at low temperatures or exposure to sunlight.
4. Use according to product technical instructions.

Executive standard
JC/T2090-2011 Building Waterproof Standard

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