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Global agency and sales network

Popar Chemicals, as one of the top three paint manufacturers in China, is well aware of the key role of agents in market expansion and sales, and has built a set of scientific and efficient agent systems during years of development. Realized effective communication and efficient support with agents from all over the world.


After years of careful operation and management, Popar has developed more than 200 agency partners around the world, with products and services in various regions. In order to further expand the expansion of signage products in the world, signage chemical will focus on the cooperation of sincerely recruiting agency companies around the world. We are sincerely willing to reach long-term and effective cooperation with interested companies, provide agents in various regions with high-quality products and a series of sales tools, market research, advertising and brand promotion support, and help agents do a good job in the local market. Develop and expand. We are committed to providing high-quality coating products and considerate support services to help agents gain greater market share and economic returns.