Water-Based Liquid Granite Paint for Exterior Wall Coating

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This product is based on pure acrylic emulsion and special nano-organosilicon modified self-crosslinking core copolymer emulsion, with super weather resistant pigments and fillers and high performance additives, combined with the characteristics of latex paint, referring to the pattern characteristics of granite, marble, etc. Prepared watercolor imitation stone paint.

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Packaging specification 20 kg  /bucket
Model NO. BPF-S942
Brand Popar
Level Finish coat
Substrate Brick/Concrete
Main raw material Acrylic
Drying method Air drying
Packaging mode Plastic bucket
Application Applicable to all kinds of building exterior walls (new construction and renovation), various building interior walls, such as high-end residences, office buildings, hotels, villas, various decorative panels, exterior wall insulation material decoration, special-shaped decorative columns, etc.
Features Made with the latest imitation stone technology.High degree of simulation and good construction .Good color retention .Strong weather resistance and material saving
Acceptance  OEM/ODM, Trade, Wholesale, Regional Agency
Payment method T/T, L/C, PayPal
Certificate ISO14001, ISO9001, French VOC a+ certification
Physical state Liquid
Country of origin Made in China
Production capacity 250000 Ton/Year
Application method Spray guns
MOQ ≥20000.00 CYN  (Min. Order)
pH value 8
Weather resistance More than 20 years
Shelf life 2 years
Color Refer to Popar's color cards, its available in a range of colors.
HS Code 320990100

Product Application

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Product Description

Exterior wall paint selects high-quality raw materials, does not add fragrance, and adopts advanced production technology to make the home natural, pure, environmentally friendly and comfortable.
Nice Look and More Fashionable High-End Paint.Outstanding Functions and Better Quality Performance.

Product Features

1. The effect of imitation granite is realistic, showing the natural particles of granite, and the wall load is light.

2. High stain resistance, self-cleaning when washed by rain.

3. High weather resistance, superior acid resistance, alkali resistance, long service life.

4. Strong adhesion, thick paint film, can effectively cover small cracks in the wall.

5. Water-based system, healthy and environmentally friendly, safe in construction.

6. Compared to traditional stone materials, the cost is low, and the construction is not limited by the geometry of the building.

Direction For Use

Application instructions: The surface must be clean, dry, neutral, flat, and free of floating ash, oil stains and foreign matters. Water-leaking positions must undergo waterproof treatment. Before coating, the surface should be polished and leveled to ensure that the surface humidity of the pre-coated substrate is <10% and the pH value is<10. The coating surface effect depends on substrate evenness.

Application conditions: Wall temperature ≥ 5 ℃, humidity ≤ 85%, and good ventilation.

Application methods: Spray coating .(speacial spray guns)

Dilution ratio: If it needs to be stirred during use, it is recommended to stir it upside down, and it is not recommended to stir or add water to dilute.

Theoretical paint consumption: 2-3㎡/Kg (spraying). (The actual amount varies slightly due to the roughness and looseness of the base layer).

Maintenance time: 7 days/25℃, which may be duly extended under low-temperature and high-humidity conditions to obtain a solid film effect. In the process of paint film maintenance and daily use, it is suggested that doors and windows should be closed for dehumidification in high humidity weather (such as Wet Spring and Plum Rain).

Tool Cleaning : After or between applications, please clean the tools with clean water in time in order to prolong tool life. The packaging bucket can be recycled after cleaning, and packaging waste may be recycled for reuse.

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Substrate Treatment

1. New wall: Thoroughly remove surface dust, oil stains, loose plaster, etc., and repair any holes to ensure that the wall surface is clean, dry and even.

2. Re-painting wall: Thoroughly remove the original paint film and putty layer, clean surface dust, and level, polish, clean and thoroughly dry the surface, so as to avoid problems left over from the old wall (odor, mildew, etc.) affecting the application effect.
*Before coating, the substrate should be checked; coating can only start after the substrate has passed acceptance inspection.


1. Please work in a well-ventilated environment, and wear a protective mask when polishing the wall.

2. During construction, please configure necessary protective and labor protection products according to local operating regulations, such as protective glasses, gloves and professional spraying clothing.

3. If it gets into eyes accidentally, please rinse well with plenty of water and seek medical treatment immediately.

4. Do not pour the remaining paint liquid into the sewer to avoid clogging. When disposing of paint waste, please comply with local environmental protection standards.

5. This product must be sealed and stored in a cool and dry place at 0-40°C. Please refer to the label for details on production date, batch number and shelf life.

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