Poparpaint Multifunctional Exterior Wall Varnish Paint (finish coat)

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Colorful paint (finish oil) is a high-grade masonry anti-contamination finish varnish made of high-quality silicone acrylic emulsion as the main raw material and selected additives. Its characteristics are: high fullness of paint film, hard paint film, and high density , penetration resistance, excellent water resistance, alkali resistance, aging resistance, and excellent stain resistance.

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Product Parameter

Ingredients Water; Environmental protection emulsion based on water; Environmental protection pigment; Environmental protection additive
Viscosity 102Pa.s
pH value 8
Drying time Surface dry 2 hours
Solid content 52%
weather resistance more than 20 years
Country of origin Made in China
Brand No. BPR-9005A
Proportion 1.3
Physical state white viscous liquid

Product Application

It is suitable for the decorative coating application of exterior walls of luxury high-end villas, high-end residences, high-end hotels, and office spaces.

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Product Features

Ultradurable performance, High fullness, Water and stain resistance, Acid and alkali resistance, No yellowing or whitening.

Product Instructions

Construction technology
The surface of the substrate is required to be flat, clean, dry, firm, free of oil, water leakage, cracks, and powdered loose matter.
Construction of exterior wall latex paint: scrape one or two coats of putty ash on exterior walls, apply white primer once; apply water-based topcoat twice, and then apply multi-functional exterior wall finish paint.
Construction of imitation stone paint on exterior walls: two anti-crack mortar coatings, one transparent primer coat, one primer coat, two water-in-sand color dot coatings, and then multi-functional exterior wall finish paint.

Application conditions
Please do not apply in wet or cold weather (the temperature is below 5°C and the relative degree is above 85%) or the expected coating effect will not be achieved.
Please use it in a well ventilated place. If you really need to work in a closed environment, you must install ventilation and use appropriate protective devices.

Tool Cleaning
Please use clean water to wash all utensils on time after stopping in the middle of painting and after painting.

Theoretical paint consumption
10㎡/L/layer (the actual amount varies slightly due to the roughness and looseness of the base layer)

Packaging specification

Storage method
Store in a cool and dry warehouse at 0°C-35°C, avoid rain and sun exposure, and strictly prevent frost. Avoid stacking too high.

Instructions for Use

Coating system and coating times
♦ Base treatment: check whether the wall surface is smooth, dry, free of dirt, hollowing, cracking, etc., and repair it with cement slurry or exterior wall putty if necessary.
♦ Construction primer: apply a layer of moisture-proof and alkali-resistant sealing primer on the base layer by spraying or rolling to enhance waterproof, moisture-proof effect and bonding strength.
♦ Separation line processing: If a grid pattern is required, use a ruler or a marking line to make a straight line mark, and cover and paste it with washi tape. Note that the horizontal line is pasted first and the vertical line is pasted later, and iron nails can be nailed to the joints.
♦ Spray real stone paint: Stir the real stone paint evenly, install it in a special spray gun, and spray it from top to bottom and from left to right. The thickness of spraying is about 2-3mm, and the number of times is two times. Pay attention to adjusting the nozzle diameter and distance to achieve the ideal spot size and convex and concave feel.
♦ Remove the mesh tape: Before the real stone paint is dry, carefully tear off the tape along the seam, and be careful not to affect the cut corners of the coating film. The removal sequence is to remove the horizontal lines first and then the vertical lines.
♦ Water-in-sand primer: Apply water-in-sand primer on the dried primer surface to make it cover evenly and wait for drying.
♦ Respray and repair: Check the construction surface in time, and repair parts such as through-bottom, missing spray, uneven color, and unclear lines until they meet the requirements.
♦ Grinding: After the real stone paint is completely dry and hardened, use 400-600 mesh abrasive cloth to polish the sharp-angled stone particles on the surface to increase the beauty of the crushed stone and reduce the damage of the sharp stone particles to the topcoat.
♦ Construction finish paint: Use an air pump to blow off the floating ash on the surface of the real stone paint, and then spray or roll the finish paint all over to improve the waterproof and stain resistance of the real stone paint. The finished paint can be sprayed twice with an interval of 2 hours.
♦ Demolition protection: After the construction of the topcoat is completed, check and accept all construction parts, and remove the protective facilities on doors, windows and other parts after confirming that they are correct.

Maintenance time
7 days/25°C, low temperature (not lower than 5°C) should be extended appropriately to obtain the ideal paint film effect.

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