Popar water-packed sand product introduction and advantages

What are the applications of waterproofing in the field of construction engineering?

As the construction industry continues to prosper, the exterior wall water-in-sand industry, as an important coating segment, is facing unprecedented development opportunities. With its excellent product quality and continuous technological innovation, Signage has once again achieved remarkable results in the market, leading the development trend of the entire industry. Signage has always focused on the research, development and production of exterior wall imitation stone paint, and is committed to providing customers with high-quality, environmentally friendly and durable products. Through continuous technological innovation and market research, the company has successfully launched a series of imitation stone paint products with unique texture and natural texture, which are deeply loved by consumers.


How much do you know about the past and present life of waterproofing?

Sign water-in-sand is a water-based environmentally friendly exterior wall decorative paint. It is a type of imitation stone paint and can imitate the effect of granite stones such as lychee noodles or burnt noodles. It is widely used in exterior walls of buildings such as villas, villas, hotels, guesthouses, entertainment venues, and commercial clubs. The new water-in-sand coating for exterior walls launched this time is another important achievement of the company in the field of research and development. The new water-in-sand coating for exterior walls launched this time is another important achievement of the company in the field of research and development. It has a realistic imitation stone effect, giving it the sensory effect of marble material, and the colors, patterns, and depths can be arbitrary. It has good durability, with an outdoor service life of more than 20 years. It has excellent weather resistance, crack resistance, stain resistance, etc. It has strong adhesion, is not easy to peel and bubble, has good construction performance, and is not easy to sag.


It is highly waterproof and can effectively prevent water seepage and mildew in the wall. It has excellent thickness resistance and dirt resistance. Compared with traditional ceramic tiles, marble and other dry-hanging stones, water-in-sand imitation stone paint has the following advantages: lightweight and safe, very light in weight, about 1 kilogram per square meter, which is equivalent to 1/6 of real stone paint and 1/40 of dry-hanging stone. , 1/20 of the surface brick, without any safety hazards. The construction is fast, each person can operate about 120 square meters per day, and the colors are rich, so you can freely choose and match colors. Low pollution, colorful paint is a water-based paint, environmentally friendly and smooth, waterproof and dust will not penetrate dust accumulation. It has a wide range of applications. Since it is a coating product, its application limitations are very small. The surface of the machine can be concrete PC version, ALC board, asbestos board and some complex-shaped building parts. The cost is much lower than dry hanging stone such as ceramic tiles and marble. In addition to product quality excellence, Signage also focuses on market expansion and brand building. Actively participate in various industry exhibitions and forums, communicate and learn with peers in the industry, and continuously improve their technical level and market influence. At the same time, the company has also stepped up its brand promotion efforts to enhance brand awareness and reputation through various online and offline channels. It is with this spirit of continuous innovation and pursuit of excellence that Signage stands out and becomes the industry leader in the exterior wall imitation stone paint industry. In the future, Signage will continue to increase investment in research and development, launch more competitive products that meet market demand, provide customers with better services, and promote the sustainable development of the exterior wall imitation stone paint industry. Looking to the future, Signage will continue to adhere to the corporate philosophy of "innovation, quality and service", increase investment in research and development, expand market channels, and provide customers with better products and services. At the same time, the company will also actively respond to national environmental protection policies, promote the development of green coatings, and contribute to building a beautiful China.

Post time: Mar-14-2024