How to use white glue? How should white glue be used safely?

How to use white glue? How should white glue be used safely?

What are the uses of white glue?


1. Furniture assembly

Generally, the assembly of custom furniture for home decoration or the veneer of various woods and panels can be directly bonded with white glue. Since the cured adhesive layer is colorless and transparent, it has aesthetic requirements. Furniture or wall decorations will not generate any pollutants and heat, effectively ensuring the cleanliness of the living room.

2. Surface repair

If it is found that the finish of wood furniture is damaged, or the building wall is damaged, it can be repaired with white latex. For the repair of furniture or wooden ornaments, generally use white latex with a solid content of about 30% as a binder, apply it to the surface of the ornaments to be repaired, and then assemble and bond. For building walls, especially the repair of exterior walls, cement mortar needs to be proportioned for repair to ensure aesthetics.

3. Bonding of leather, ceramics and other items

In addition to being used as an auxiliary material in home decoration, white latex can also be widely used in other industries, such as the production and manufacture of leather products, the bonding of ceramic utensils, the splicing and bonding of fabric decorations, etc.

4. Used as modifier 

The most common use of white latex is as an adhesive, but due to its special chemical properties, it can also be used as a modifier. Vinyl acetate latex and latex paint, which are generally used as interior building materials, are made with white latex as a modifier. Adding an appropriate amount of white latex to raw materials such as phenolic resin and urea-formaldehyde resin can change the properties of these adhesives, making it a decorative coating for the top surface of interior walls.


How to use white latex?

1. Before using white latex bonding material, the surface of the material to be bonded must be cleaned first. For example, if there is oil, water, dust and other dirt on the surface of the material, clean the material with alcohol or other cleaning agents. Clean the surface of the material to ensure that the surface of the material is clean, and only use white latex for bonding when it is dry.

2. When using white latex, it is best not to add water to the white latex for dilution in order to save costs. Because doing so will affect the bonding of white latex.

3. When applying glue, if the glue is applied by hand, it is necessary to use a brush to evenly apply the white latex to the beautiful surface of one of the important bonding materials, and then paste the other material to be bonded. Finally, press the two materials tightly, and you can use clips, tapes, and other things that can fix the two materials to fix the materials. Under normal circumstances, after 2 hours of pressing, the material can be positioned. And the time of complete curing is important 24 hours. (Note: The curing time of the glue will be affected by the degree of mixing and temperature in the room. If it is used under the condition of low temperature and high humidity, the positioning time and the total curing time of white latex will be extended accordingly. On the contrary, if it is used in a dry, burning and ventilated environment, the setting time and the total curing time of white latex will be shortened.)


What should be paid attention to when using white latex?


1. During the bonding operation, the working temperature shall not be lower than 7 degrees Celsius; if it is not resistant to high temperatures, if it exceeds 95 degrees Celsius, the strength of the adhesive layer will decrease. 

2. According to different uses, the white glue can be diluted with water, but it needs to be heated to more than 30 degrees Celsius, and then slowly added with high-dry 30 degrees Celsius water and stirred evenly before use. It cannot be diluted with cold water below 10 degrees Celsius.

3. After starting to use, the lid should be tightly closed. In order to prevent skinning, sprinkle a layer of water, stir evenly when using, and add a little hydrochloric acid before use, which can increase the curing speed.

4. It can be mixed with other hydrophobic resins to form a two-component product, which can improve the bonding strength, water resistance and heat resistance of the product, and shorten the curing time.

5. White glue is generally safe, but it cannot be swallowed or splashed into the eyes. In case of accidental contact with the mouth or eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water. 

6. Do not pour white latex into rivers or sewers, so as not to cause pollution or blockage of sewers. After use, the residues should be stored and disposed of as solid waste after drying and forming a film.

7. Storage and transportation: It must be stored in a cool, dry environment with a temperature above 5 degrees Celsius, and the shelf life of airtight tanks should be more than 12 months. When storing and transporting, it should be packed and handled lightly to prevent inversion, extrusion and sun exposure.


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