How to Master Imitation Stone Paint Techniques : Tips for Beginners

The black line technique is used to enhance imitation stone paint by adding black lines. This technique improves the realism and texture of the paint surface, making it look more like natural stone and creating a more authentic appearance. To master black line techniques of imitation stone paint, here are some steps you can follow:


Step 1 :  Substrate treatment 



Base-level treatment Check that the wall surface is flat, free of floating dust, hollowing, and cracks before construction. Before construction, check the places that should be protected, make construction arrangements, and protect and cover places that may be contaminated, such as window sills and door edges, with plastic film.


Step 2 : Batch scraping anti-cracking mortar



Apply a certain thickness of anti-cracking mortar, immediately stick the outer corner strip to the corner and overflow the mortar and smooth the overflow part. After the mortar has been cured for 18 hours, polish it after it is completely dry, and then brush a layer of professional slurry on the position of the outer corner strips, air dry it again, and then polish it to prevent the outer corner lines from leaking. Construction is not allowed when the temperature is below 5 degrees or the wall is wet or there is clear water.


Step 3 : Put on the primer




The ratio of primer to water is 1:1. Generally, by spraying or rolling construction, the construction should be in a uniform state, without leakage or sagging.



Step 4 : Line grid division , black paint, paste masking paper 




Pay attention to the beauty and size of the grid line, brush the line with black line paint, dry the black line paint thoroughly. In some cases, stick masking paper to make the mesh.



Step 5 : Apply the Middle coating ( imitation stone paint)




It is required to be uniform, no sag, no leak coating, no bottom leak, wait for it to dry before proceeding to the next process.


Step 6 : Apply the Finish coating ( imitation stone paint)




The color point can be stirred slightly evenly before use, do not use electric tools or use too much force. Use the spraying method to ensure that the main material layer is uniform and the thickness is consistent. Adjust the air pressure to achieve the control point size. Pay attention to the air pressure in the tank and try to control it at 0.05MPa. Spray once or more, first thin spray once, and second cross spray. The spray gun should run at a constant speed, the nozzle should be kept perpendicular to the spray surface, and the spray distance should be 30-40cm. After the first spray of imitation stone paint color spots, you must wait until it is completely dry or there is no moisture on the surface before you can do it a second time.


Step 7 : Apply the Vanish coating



Using the spray gun spray method, each spray surface should be completed as much as possible.

At one time, construction must be carried out from the top to the bottom of the building. Therefore, the method of connecting up and down is adopted to avoid the appearance of traces of paint stubble as much as possible.

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